Wait, how did this get made?

I’ve often been teased by various girlfriends in my life for my ebullient enthusiasm for action movies – the more insane, the better. While not so much now, I, for instance, loved the 4th Die Hard movie, at least in the moment. In the last few years, that feeling has subsided a little, and while I love the MCU movies, the Transformers and DC movies have been a real turn-off.

Last year, I discovered a podcast that has been going since 2011, called How Did This Get Made? helmed by Paul Scheer, his wife June Diane Raphael, and the always brilliant Jason Mantzoukas; the team watch a terrible movie and discuss – with much hilarity. Eventually the pod evolved from comedically eviscerating terrible movies, to expressing incredulity in movies so-bad-they’re-great, and then to finding wonder in brilliant, insane, bonkers movies. And it’s in this last category we find Furious 6, the 6th instalment of the Fast and the Furious franchise – More on that in a moment.

Over Christmas, I finally finished all the HDTGM? episodes available for free on iTunes, and having found a love for the Earwolf podcast network through the show, I decided to buy myself a subscription to Stitcher Premium to get all the network’s shows behind the paywall including all of the as-yet-unheard of HDTGM? pods. Now, I must confess, I have listened to a great number of episodes of this show in a very short time, and many of them, I’ve never seen the movie they discuss. I maintain you really don’t have to have watched the movies to love this podcast. In that spirit, some of my favourite episodes were those on the Fast and the Furious movies (beginning at number 5); a series of movies I had previously ignored. That was about to change. The hosts, along with Adam Scott, had such childlike joy and enthusiasm for these films I found myself feeling a little tempted to go back and watch them all, but hey – who has time for that, eh?

At the Super Bowl, the trailer to the Fast and the Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw movie dropped. Much to the delight of the pod’s fans, Paul and Jason uploaded an emergency episode reviewing the almost 3-minute spot. I have rarely heard something so gleeful and full of joy. Statham! The Rock! Fucking Idris Elba as a seemingly actual super-villain. I walked to work that morning listening to this episode giggling with delight.

It was decided. I couldn’t see this Hobbs and Shaw movie without seeing the previous films. It was time.

The following week or so has been a whirlwind of action, cars, emotion, adrenalin, excitement, and a lot of exclaiming (out loud, and on my own, because you’re damn sure my girlfriend isn’t going to watch these movies with me) “Yaaaaaasssssss!!!!!”.

This morning, during my bike-workout, I finished Furious 6. It is incredible! I LOVE it. Our team, our family, has come along way from ripping off DVD player shipments in the first movie to now taking on actual international terrorists.

Every single penny of its budget is up there on the screen, and as was noted on the HDTGM? episode, cinema-goers were getting value for every cent of their ticket.

For me to write much more about this movie would be to parrot the podcast in itself so much do my feelings mirror theirs so I can, however, suggest that anyone who may stumble across this excitable blathering watches the movie, then takes some time to listen to the HDTGM? pod below.



I’ve spent this weekend finishing the last couple of Fast and Furious movies (7 and 8) and I’m ready for Hobbs and Shaw in the summer. I thought it wouldn’t get better than 6, and man, I was wrong. I really enjoyed 8 but 7 was flawless! From ignoring these movies to slavishly evangelising about them, in less than a couple of weeks. I would never have imagined that in a hundred lifetimes.

Bridge will burn (music video)

It’s now less than 2 weeks until my new e.p. makes itself known and today, I’ve premiered the first video to be taken from the record; the spring-reverb soaked “Bridge will burn”. I hope you like it.

A Promising Future Behind Me at Foundations Festival 2018

Some more vocal recording

Release news for my new record coming very soon but for now, a sneak peek at today…

Lionel S Mint

Not a lot going on over here at the moment, but I’ve had a little bit of a rebrand as I try to get myself together with this new music project. For the time being, I’ll be going by my own name, but as that has been taken on various social media platforms, I decided to use an anagram, my alter ego – Lionel S Mint, as my social media handle for twitter, instagram, and others in the future.

So… I rebranded instagram, and I ditched my old twitter account and started again…

So you can find me on instagram at http://www.instagram.com/lionelsmint

And you can find me on my new twitter account at http://www.twitter.com/lionelsmint