Radio Kampus. 19th April 2017

This week’s show is a pre-record as Neil’s on his way to Poznań for the Spring Break Showcase festival, so it seems somewhat appropriate for this week’s show to be a preview of some of the bands we’re looking forward to at this year’s event. Enjoy.

1. TEKNO – Kill the DJ

2. Rosa Vertov – Overripe

3. Bitamina – Wiatr

4. La Feline – Adieu l’enfance

5. Lonker See – New Motive Power, Pt. 3

6. Tomasz Mreńca – Mirror

7. Elements – ‘Śniłem’ cz.1

8. Manoid ft. Hola Rise – Away

9. New People – Lucky One

10. ARRM – Grave

Radio Kampus. 12th April 2017

Last week saw me returning from a very enjoyable trip to the beautiful city of Tallinn. I’ve now been twice and this year was the first opportunity I had to actually do any sight-seeing and I have to confess, last year I wasn’t impressed: This year I was bowled over. This week on the show we’re making a quick transition between music discovered at Tallinn Music Week, and music I’m looking forward to at Spring Break Festival coming soon…

On this week’s show, then, we start with something unrelated but satisfyingly brilliant, move on through some music from Tallinn and back to music from Poland in anticipation of the trip to Poznań coming soon. Enjoy.

1. Black Tundra – Blinded by the Northern Lights (Self-released)

2. Glintshake – My New Style (Self-released)

3. Sptnk – Solitude (Self-released)

4. Frankie Animal – Golden One (Self-released)

5. Bad Pop – Masculism (Self-released)

6. Seals – Golden Fork (Self-released)

7. Wacław Zimpel – LAM 3 (Part 4) (Instant Classic)

8. Moo Latte x Ane Monsrud – Far Away (Self-released)

9. Swiernalis – Ptak (Kayax)

10. Bastard Disco – Canvas (Antena Krzyku)

11. Koala Voice – Bullet in the Brain (Self-released)

12. Mateusz Franczak – Floating (Too Many Fireworks)

Radio Kampus. 5th April 2017

Returning from Estonia to Poland on Sunday afternoon was quite the experience. I disembarked from the plane, along with some other Polish music scene folks to a beautiful, sunny Warsaw – a day or so before in Tallinn, it had been snowing. We had had a great time, but we were glad to be back.

The experience of Tallinn is one that will influence a couple of shows to come, I’m sure. This particular show is dedicated to it, almost entirely, with a collection of some of the music I experienced when I was over there. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Rosa Vertov – The Ballad Of… (Crunchy Human Children)

2. The Mariachi Ghost – The Mariachi Ghost (Self-released)

3. Hauschka – I Can’t Find Water (130701)

4. TRAD.ATTACK! – SÄDE – SPARK (Self-released)

5. M.A. Beat – Hips (Headcount)

6. Žen – Slavenska bajka (Unrecords / Vox Project)

7. There Are No More Four Seasons – Winter (Youtube)

8. Mart Avi – Moses (Self-released)

9. Eeter – Unustamise Register (Self-released)

Radio Kampus. 29th March 2017

Episode 24 was a pre-record, a preview to the Tallinn Music Week festival. Enjoy.

1. New People – Lucky One (Self-released)

2. 615 – Vanakoolivahvel (Self-released)

3. C Duncan – Pearly Dewdrops Drops (FatCat)

4. abirdwhale – Body (Self-released)

5. Flamingods – Rhama (Moshi Moshi)

6. St. Cheatersburg – How to Lose Your Value on the Hetrosexual Market (Self-released)

7. Shortparis – Love (Self-released)

8. The Holy – Ähtäri (Self-released)

9. Of Roofs, Genes, and Stolen Meanings – Imprinting (Self-released)

10. Sløtface – Empire Records (Self-released)

11. Fokk Ye – Larr (Self-released)

Radio Kampus. 22nd March 2017

Three things happened this week. One of them was traumatic, the other two are particularly delightful. Let’s focus on the positives shall we? I became the proud owner of a Korg MS-20 synth and tomorrow night I’ll DJ at TEDxWarsaw’s after-party, continuing (an increasingly tenuous) relationship with the group. How about this week’s show though?

We have music from excellent Polish label Crunchy Human Children, two tracks in fact, and we have some music from Iceland, Estonia, Scotland and Poland – and something from Chuck Berry mourning the passing of the king of rock-and-roll, though maybe not his penchant for secretly photographing women on the toilet.

Enjoy the show…

1. Anna Meredith – Nautilus (Moshi Moshi)

2. Agata Karczewska – My Own Jolene (Self-released)

3. Dead Furies – Gotta Make Noize (Self-released)

4. Vegetable Kingdom – Instant Shame (Crunchy Human Children)

5. Yoonkee Kim – Books (Crunchy Human Children)

6. Victoria Celestine – Carrying On (Self-released)

7. Big Hogg – Solitary Way (Self-released)

8. Pronto Mama – Double-Speak (Electric Honey)

9. Aisha Orazbayeva – Slow Air (Self-released)

10. Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven (Chess)

11. Joy Pop – Deadly Queen (Self-released)

12. Sóley – Grow (Morr Music)