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Bridge will burn (music video)

It’s now less than 2 weeks until my new e.p. makes itself known and today, I’ve premiered the first video to be taken from the record; the spring-reverb soaked “Bridge will burn”. I hope you like it.

A Promising Future Behind Me at Foundations Festival 2018

Some more vocal recording

Release news for my new record coming very soon but for now, a sneak peek at today…

A wee sneaky bit of recording for the new record

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You Are The Summer (Too Many Fireworks, 2018)

On 14th March this year, I turned 39 years old. Almost no-one in my life believes this. While the wrinkles around my eyes become a little more pronounced, and my hair continues it’s gradual evacuation from my head, it’s heartening to think that most people I know were surprised to learn I was heading towards 40.

I won’t lie. I’ve spent a lot of this year in something of an odd mid-life-crisis. Everything seemed to be coming to an end. Not a literal end, obviously, but some feeling of an end. I decided that 2018 would have to be crammed with as much activity as I could possibly manage: A new band, a new project, a new small business, new books, new songs, new blogs, new new new.

For the last few months I’ve spent time working out what direction my next musical project / output would take and after some trial and error I’ve recorded and released my first – I suppose you could call it a debut of sorts – single.

The record, “You Are The Summer” is a lo-fi, indie-pop tune with, I hope, the melodic charm or many of the Scottish pop bands I obviously love. Home-recorded on a hot May afternoon, in my city centre apartment in Warsaw, the single follows the time-honored tradition of pop songs harnessing the warmth of the sun. It’s certainly my nod to the long tradition of pop tunes capturing the shimmering brilliance of being in love in the summertime.

The digital single is available now from too many fireworks.