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Bird Sanctuary / Bridge Will Burn (2018)

On 14th March 2018, I turned 39 years old. Almost no-one in my life believes this. While the wrinkles around my eyes become a little more pronounced, and my hair continues it’s gradual evacuation from my head, it’s heartening to think that most people I know were surprised to learn I was heading towards 40.

I won’t lie. I began this year in something of a mid-life-crisis. Everything seemed to be coming to an end. Not a literal end, obviously, but some feeling of an end. I decided that 2018 would have to be crammed with as much activity as I could possibly manage: A new band, a new project, a new small business, new books, new songs, new blogs, new new new.

During February’s unfinished RPM challenge, I began several songs that didn’t quite fit the direction of the Spy Stories band, and this week, I finished two of them. What to do with them, though?

I decided that in the year between March 14th 2018 and March 14th 2019, I would try to write and record a single per month, and upload and release it to bandcamp. No pressure, no direction; just a fun collection of songs to stretch my songwriting muscles, or even a place to put songs that don’t fit with anything else I’m up to.

And so, with that, I introduce the first in this collection, a double-A side of sorts, Bird Sanctuary / Bridge Will Burn.

Somehow, last night, I wasn’t content to just release the music on bandcamp, but I had that creative itch and experimented a little with videos for each song.

Bird Sanctuary, I created under the creative umbrella of my new “Tiny Spies” project (more on that in a future post). I found a strange film teaching methods of typesetting and cut it to pieces and put it back together again. It’s a strange video, but one I really like.

And then we have the video for Bridge Will Burn, which is a very DIY production to say the least. I had created 2 or 3 takes of me playing with the Rickenbacker and it just felt like a dull performance video, so I recorded takes with another couple of guitars and used the bass-note walk-downs to switch between them. It’s a little rough but it does the trick.

Of course, I’m not going to have time to record videos for each of these 2018/19 singles but I’ll see what I can do when inspiration strikes.

For now, I hope you enjoy these two songs. I certainly had fun creating them. And thank you again to Aga Olek for the violin on Bird Sanctuary.

Happy (late) ‘Burns Night’, everyone.

Flies Are Spies From Hell – Underdog Undone

Last year, after a fairly successful stint remixing ALMA’s Cosmonaut, the excellent, London-based, Flies are Spies from Hell invited me to remix a track for their proposed ambient remix album, Underdog Undone. Today they’ve released it on presale and you can head over to pre-order it if you fancy. They’re streaming the opener of the record – it’s not mine, but it’s still pretty lovely. Enjoy.

Flies Are Spies From Hell – Underdog Undone (Ambient Remixes)

Radio Kampus. 21st June 2017

It’s been a week of beautiful weather in Warsaw this week and the sun has been beating down hard on the city. Your local friendly new-music DJ is showing signs of his Scottishness; hair becoming more ginger, freckles becoming more prominent – but hey, that’s summer. We kick off with something perfectly summery and move on through a great show. Enjoy.

1. Teenage Fanclub – Your Love is the Place Where I Come From (Creation)

2. The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby (Capitol)

3. Filthy Friends – The Arrival (Kill Rock Stars)

4. Bobby Conn – Hollow Men (Self-released)

5. Nive and the Deer Children – Walking (Glitterhouse)

6. Zamilska and Resina – Closer (Untuned)

7. Dead Janitor – Batch (Päfgens RMX) (Self-released)

8. Nils Frahm – Says (Erased Tapes)

9. Shuma – Na mory vutka kupalasia (Self-released)

10. FOQL – How to Stay Warm (Always Human Tapes)

11. cétieu – Friendly Fire (Barudă)

Radio Kampus. 5th April 2017

Returning from Estonia to Poland on Sunday afternoon was quite the experience. I disembarked from the plane, along with some other Polish music scene folks to a beautiful, sunny Warsaw – a day or so before in Tallinn, it had been snowing. We had had a great time, but we were glad to be back.

The experience of Tallinn is one that will influence a couple of shows to come, I’m sure. This particular show is dedicated to it, almost entirely, with a collection of some of the music I experienced when I was over there. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Rosa Vertov – The Ballad Of… (Crunchy Human Children)

2. The Mariachi Ghost – The Mariachi Ghost (Self-released)

3. Hauschka – I Can’t Find Water (130701)

4. TRAD.ATTACK! – SÄDE – SPARK (Self-released)

5. M.A. Beat – Hips (Headcount)

6. Žen – Slavenska bajka (Unrecords / Vox Project)

7. There Are No More Four Seasons – Winter (Youtube)

8. Mart Avi – Moses (Self-released)

9. Eeter – Unustamise Register (Self-released)