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Radio Kampus. 21st June 2017

It’s been a week of beautiful weather in Warsaw this week and the sun has been beating down hard on the city. Your local friendly new-music DJ is showing signs of his Scottishness; hair becoming more ginger, freckles becoming more prominent – but hey, that’s summer. We kick off with something perfectly summery and move on through a great show. Enjoy.

1. Teenage Fanclub – Your Love is the Place Where I Come From (Creation)

2. The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby (Capitol)

3. Filthy Friends – The Arrival (Kill Rock Stars)

4. Bobby Conn – Hollow Men (Self-released)

5. Nive and the Deer Children – Walking (Glitterhouse)

6. Zamilska and Resina – Closer (Untuned)

7. Dead Janitor – Batch (Päfgens RMX) (Self-released)

8. Nils Frahm – Says (Erased Tapes)

9. Shuma – Na mory vutka kupalasia (Self-released)

10. FOQL – How to Stay Warm (Always Human Tapes)

11. cétieu – Friendly Fire (Barudă)

Radio Kampus. 14th June 2017

Politically, it has been a rather turbulent week. Personally, it has been even more so. So we turn to music to make it all better, and here we are. I’m delighted to tell readers of these introductory notes that I finally reached my fitness goal I set myself in May last year… almost 20kg lost and feeling smug.

So on this week’s show we look forward some more to Halfway Festival while also highlighting a couple of artists on the longlist for Scotland’s Album of the Year… and we celebrate the 18th birthday of an Icelandic classic. Enjoy.

1. Plastic Tones – The Eyes (Self-released)

2. Konx-om-pax – Mega-Glacial (Planet Mu)

3. All Flags Are Grey – Bare Bones (Seven Wishbones)

4. Starsabout – Escaped (Self-released)

5. Astrïd & Rachel Grimes – M5 (Gizeh)

6. East of my Youth – Stronger (West of my Future)

7. Modern Studies – Dive-bombing (Song, By Toad)

8. Pin Park – Iceberg (Instant Classic)

9. Radosław Kurzeja – Noc (BDTA)

10. Sigur rós – Svefn-g-englar (Fat Cat)

Radio Kampus. 7th June 2017

It’s been quite a week since our last show – we’ve had another terrorist attack in London and Donald Trump thought the best way of marking that was to criticise the Mayor of London. Sigh. We’ll simply carry on with life and that means a brilliant return from Alvvays and much more tremendous music besides. Enjoy.

1. Alvvays – In Undertow (Polyvinyl/Transgressive)

2. The Popguns – So Long (Matinée Recordings)

3. Zola Jesus – Exhumed (Sacred Bones)

4. Grúska Babúska – Refurinn (Self-released)

5. Letters from Silence – Talking to Myself (Self-released)

6. Tsvey – Ukafa (BDTA)

7. InstantSpecies – Music for People Who Don’t Like Music (Self-released)

8. The Veils – Do Your Bones Glow at Night? (Nettwerk)

9. Peter Broderick – It’s a Storm when I Sleep (Erased Tapes)

10. The Electric Pop Group – Postcard (Matinée Recordings)

11. The Beatles – A Day in the Life (Parlophone)

Radio Kampus. 31st May 2017

So, there was a bat in my apartment. A bat! I came home on Sunday night from DJing at Hydrozagadka in Warsaw, fell asleep almost immediately, and was woken 15 mins later by my superstar cat launching itself around my room chasing something that sound like an unwinding wind-up toy. Madness. I mean, quite literally, what with rabies, ’n all.

Anyway, we’re back with some great music this week, some of it new, some of it not – and we’re kicking off our preview of the excellent Halfway festival in Białystok, happening at the end of June. Enjoy.

1. The Yummy Fur – Shivers (Plastic Cowboy)

2. Jaaa! – 507 (Sadki Rec)

3. Innercity Ensemble – 4 (Instant Classic)

4. Angel Olsen – Woman (Jagjaguwar)

5. Aphex Twin – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball (Warp)

6. Yorkston/Thorne/Khan – Chori Chori (Miaoux Miaoux Remix) (Domino)

7. Cate Le Bon – Rock Pool (Drag City)

8. Double Crown – Heel (Self-released)

9. BMX Bandits – My Girl Midge (Elefant)

10. Stalagmites – Binary (Veta)

11. EABS – Pingwin iv (Astigmatic)

Radio Kampus. 24th May 2017

I had pretty much programmed the show on Monday evening before the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester, England but I didn’t feel right letting the episode go by without marking it somehow – I threw out the original opener (sorry BMX Bandits – next week) and we open with one of the best bands, from one of the many homes of independent music in the UK – and some would argue one of the best. I love Manchester, and so, I’m sure, do many of you.

After a brief moment of love for Manchester, we move on to some new releases from Scotland, Poland, Russia and England. It’s an absolute storming show and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it. Enjoy.

1. Joy Division – Atmosphere (Factory)

2. Mogwai – Coolverine (Rock Action)

3. DŻDŻY – Felis Silvestris (Postaranie)

4. Dwa Pokoje – Wyprawa (PostPost)

5. Gang Śródmieście – Saszka (Self-released)

6. Artificial Waves – Hush and Embrace (Fluttery)

7. Animal House – Coca Cola (Self-released)

8. Gazawat – Chechens Used To Sing And Dance While The Shells Continued To Fall Down (BDTA)

9. Honey and the Herbs – The Nutfucker (Self-released)

10. Codes in the Clouds – Sixes and Seventeens (Erased Tapes)

11. Wild Books – Planes (Instant Classic)