Radio Kampus. 24th May 2017

I had pretty much programmed the show on Monday evening before the horrific terrorist attack in Manchester, England but I didn’t feel right letting the episode go by without marking it somehow – I threw out the original opener (sorry BMX Bandits – next week) and we open with one of the best bands, from one of the many homes of independent music in the UK – and some would argue one of the best. I love Manchester, and so, I’m sure, do many of you.

After a brief moment of love for Manchester, we move on to some new releases from Scotland, Poland, Russia and England. It’s an absolute storming show and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it. Enjoy.

1. Joy Division – Atmosphere (Factory)

2. Mogwai – Coolverine (Rock Action)

3. DŻDŻY – Felis Silvestris (Postaranie)

4. Dwa Pokoje – Wyprawa (PostPost)

5. Gang Śródmieście – Saszka (Self-released)

6. Artificial Waves – Hush and Embrace (Fluttery)

7. Animal House – Coca Cola (Self-released)

8. Gazawat – Chechens Used To Sing And Dance While The Shells Continued To Fall Down (BDTA)

9. Honey and the Herbs – The Nutfucker (Self-released)

10. Codes in the Clouds – Sixes and Seventeens (Erased Tapes)

11. Wild Books – Planes (Instant Classic)

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