Radio Kampus. 14th June 2017

Politically, it has been a rather turbulent week. Personally, it has been even more so. So we turn to music to make it all better, and here we are. I’m delighted to tell readers of these introductory notes that I finally reached my fitness goal I set myself in May last year… almost 20kg lost and feeling smug.

So on this week’s show we look forward some more to Halfway Festival while also highlighting a couple of artists on the longlist for Scotland’s Album of the Year… and we celebrate the 18th birthday of an Icelandic classic. Enjoy.

1. Plastic Tones – The Eyes (Self-released)

2. Konx-om-pax – Mega-Glacial (Planet Mu)

3. All Flags Are Grey – Bare Bones (Seven Wishbones)

4. Starsabout – Escaped (Self-released)

5. Astrïd & Rachel Grimes – M5 (Gizeh)

6. East of my Youth – Stronger (West of my Future)

7. Modern Studies – Dive-bombing (Song, By Toad)

8. Pin Park – Iceberg (Instant Classic)

9. Radosław Kurzeja – Noc (BDTA)

10. Sigur rós – Svefn-g-englar (Fat Cat)

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