Neil Milton is a Scottish musician, DJ, writer, promoter, and teacher, living in Warsaw, Poland. He is the owner and manager of too many fireworks records and is best known as guitarist in the frozen north from 2014 to 2016. He is also responsible for indie-noise-pop band, Spy Stories; and indie-pop collective, Heads Down, Thumbs Up; and his own, self-titled modern-classical work.

Neil currently DJs on Radio Kampus 97.1FM in Warsaw, and on too many fireworks radio – an occasional broadcast across the Mixify network. He is occasionally invited to remix bands, which is always a pleasure.

He began writing and recording music in 1999 with the post punk / post rock band, Troika. Before Troika split in 2005, he had formed his own record label, too many fireworks records, through which he has released records by Flying Matchstick Men, Laeto, Errors and Titus Gein among others. In 2004, the label gave birth to its Glasgow club-night, Fire: Works and Neil took up DJing, in a style which was later affectionately described as electrodiscowonkpop.

After a break of several years, Neil began to compose and record modern-classical music and experimental, ambient soundscapes and in October 2010, he released his debut solo e.p., named elements – a collection of 5 modern-classical pieces for piano and string quartet, on Too Many Fireworks. In March 2011, he released the follow-up to elements; ‘white spring, black cloud‘ on Manchester’s Valentine Records and in August 2012, he released a double e.p. set mixing modern classical and ambient soundscapes. The collection, titled ‘Skies / Seas‘, was released on Valentine records. In August 2013, Neil released a follow up to ‘skies / seas’, ‘The Cold, Early Light’.

In May 2013, Neil performed a solo acoustic guitar show in Warsaw, singing in front of an audience for the first time since 2004. Since then, he has moved back towards guitar-driven indie-pop music with both Spy Stories and Heads Down, Thumbs Up.

Neil joined the Varsovian post-rock band, the frozen north, in January 2014 and released their debut single, “Origin / Electric Mistress” through too many fireworks in August. The band sadly split in 2016.

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