Radio Kampus. 22nd March 2017

Three things happened this week. One of them was traumatic, the other two are particularly delightful. Let’s focus on the positives shall we? I became the proud owner of a Korg MS-20 synth and tomorrow night I’ll DJ at TEDxWarsaw’s after-party, continuing (an increasingly tenuous) relationship with the group. How about this week’s show though?

We have music from excellent Polish label Crunchy Human Children, two tracks in fact, and we have some music from Iceland, Estonia, Scotland and Poland – and something from Chuck Berry mourning the passing of the king of rock-and-roll, though maybe not his penchant for secretly photographing women on the toilet.

Enjoy the show…

1. Anna Meredith – Nautilus (Moshi Moshi)

2. Agata Karczewska – My Own Jolene (Self-released)

3. Dead Furies – Gotta Make Noize (Self-released)

4. Vegetable Kingdom – Instant Shame (Crunchy Human Children)

5. Yoonkee Kim – Books (Crunchy Human Children)

6. Victoria Celestine – Carrying On (Self-released)

7. Big Hogg – Solitary Way (Self-released)

8. Pronto Mama – Double-Speak (Electric Honey)

9. Aisha Orazbayeva – Slow Air (Self-released)

10. Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven (Chess)

11. Joy Pop – Deadly Queen (Self-released)

12. Sóley – Grow (Morr Music)

Radio Kampus. 15th March 2017

There are some weeks where it feels like I close the door to the studio and within minutes I’m walking back in. This week is one of those, but within it, I successfully entered my late 30s – I’m now on my way to 40 at a brisk pace: but hey, I may make it there as a Scottish citizen rather than a British one… we will see.

This week, I’m delighted to have the show’s first exclusive premiere; the title track from Eric Shoves Them in his Pockets’ second album, “With Love”. We’ve got a lot more including Hey Karen, Jacaszek, Decadent Fun Club, The Velvets, and Soulwax – among much, much more.

1. Kling Klang – Heavydale (Rock Action)

2. Guiding Lights – Nothing Ever’s Gonna Be Alright (Instant Classic)

3. The Calm Fiasco – Sorry I’m Late Again (Chewy Records)

4. Jacaszek (feat. Hania Malarowska) – Kwiaty (Ghostly International)

5. Decadent Fun Club – Serendipity (Self-released)

6. The Velvet Underground & Nico – I’ll Be Your Mirror (Verve)

7. Eric Shoves Them in his Pockets – With Love (Thin Man)

8. Sobranie 8 18 – Laugh is just a Curtain (Self-released)

9. The Darling Buds – Complicated (Odd Box)

10. Hey Karen – Union of Souls (Self-released)

11. Lightin’ Hopkins – Jailhouse Blues (Gold Star)

12. FAERSHTEIN – Calligraphia (Unknown)

13. Soulwax – Missing Wires (Deewee)

Radio Kampus. 8th March 2017

Richard Herring has spent his International Women’s Day tweeting to misogynists around the world informing them (or reminding them) of International Men’s Day on 19th November. A heroic task he undertakes so we don’t have to. Thank you Rich. In the spirit of IWD, I decided to highlight some, frankly, brilliant music from the women of the world.

This week’s show features new music from Maja Olenderek, Dream Wife, Pip Blom, and Rachel Simpson, among other tracks from Poland, Scotland, Canada, and England. Women of the world, take over.

1. Ivor Cutler & Linda Hirst – Women of the World (Rough Trade)

2. Dream Wife – Somebody (Self-released)

3. Drekoty – Kombinat (Thin Man)

4. Sacred Paws – Nothing (Rock Action)

5. Girl Ray – I’ll Make This Fun (Self-released / Moshi Moshi)

6. Like a Motorcycle – Dead Finger (Self-released)

7. Sutari – Kupalnocka (Self-released)

8. Pip Blom – I Think I’m in Love (Toaster)

9. Maja Olenderek – Blue Dance (Self-released)

10. LungLeg – Krayola (Southern Records)

11. Talulah Gosh – Spearmint Head (Sarah Records)

12. Rachel Simpson – Last Year’s Man (Tipp City)

13. Resina – Not Here (130701)

Radio Kampus. 1st March 2017

And the winner is… Wow. That was quite the spectacle at the Oscars the other night… As someone said on twitter the morning after: Not only did Moonlight win, but we literally got to see La La Land have it taken away from them. Ok, that’s mean, I guess.

I’m preparing this week’s show in a mild state of panic. There’s about 3 hours til I go on air and I’ve only just completed the playlist. Still, it’s a pretty incredible line-up even if I do say so myself. Indian influenced Polish music, choir-infused Edinburgh hip-hop, and a Beatle. What more could you ask for? Well… Chopin, of course.

1. Part Chimp – MapoLeon (Rock Action)

2. Hatti Vatti – Hero/In (Prosto)

3. Saagara – Daydream (Instant Classic)

4. RM Hubbert – The Bird (Self-released)

5. Coals – Lato2002 (Self-released)

6. Ben Frost – Nolan (Regis Self Medicating Edit) (Bedroom Community)

7. Fuzzystar – Angel Transported (Satellite Sounds)

8. 00ND00D – Nasty W0man P0wer (Pointless Geometry)

9. George Harrison – All Things Must Pass (Apple)

10. Young Fathers – Only God Knows (feat. Leith Congregational Choir) (Polydor)

11. Bare Traps – All in You (Self-released)

12. Antonymes – Tristesse (Fryderyk Chopin’s 12 Études op. 10_ no. 3 in E major) (Too Many Fireworks)

Radio Kampus. 22nd February 2017

What a week for music. The Smiths’ debut had its 33 birthday, Kurt would have been 50, and then there’s the incredible line-up for BBC 6 Music’s festival in Glasgow at the end of March. That’s a pretty incredible thing. Decisions, decisions.

On the show this week, we marked the 2 aforementioned celebrations and we had some excellent new music from bands as wide ranging as Lor, Mt. Doubt, Tall Ships, Poly Chain and Spiral Stairs.

1. The Smiths – Reel Around the Fountain (Rough Trade)

2. Lor – Keaton (Self-released / TBA)

3. Spiral Stairs – Dundee Man (Domino)

4. Blanck Mass – Please (Sacred Bones)

5. Tall Ships – Petrichor (FatCat)

6. Melatonin – Sell Your House (Self-released)

7. Krem – Pagoda (Self-released)

8. Mt. Doubt – Tourists (Scottish Fiction)

9. Hank Williams – California Zephyr (Mercury)

10. Poly Chain – Hazelnut (Transatlantyk)

11. Nirvana – Aneurysm (Live at Reading) (Geffen)