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Radio Kampus. 26th July 2017

Well then, it’s been a week of protesting and making noise in the streets. It’s also been a week of great music and there’s a weekend of great music coming up for those that are heading off to OFF in a couple of weeks time…

I’m joined in the studio this week by my friend and intrepid music traveller, writer, blogger, and journalist Laura Studarus, to preview our picks from the coming Off Festival line-up. There’s also some new music from Canada and some old music from Scotland. Enjoy!

1. Alvvays – Dreams Tonite (Transgressive)

2. Rainbrother – Fat Eggs (General Bird)

3. Dog Whistle – Lost Weekend (Self-released)

4. Arab Strap – Rocket, Take Your Turn (Chemikal Underground)

5. Helado Negro – Transmission Listen (RVNG Into)

6. New People – Better Ways (Self-released)

7. Frankie Cosmos – Sinister (Bayonet)

8. Anna Meredith – R-Type (Moshi Moshi)

9. The Radio Dept. – Teach Me To Forget (Labrador)

10. Shellac – Dude Incredible (Touch and Go)

11. Telstar Ponies – Farewell, Farewell (Geographic)

Radio Kampus. 22nd March 2017

Three things happened this week. One of them was traumatic, the other two are particularly delightful. Let’s focus on the positives shall we? I became the proud owner of a Korg MS-20 synth and tomorrow night I’ll DJ at TEDxWarsaw’s after-party, continuing (an increasingly tenuous) relationship with the group. How about this week’s show though?

We have music from excellent Polish label Crunchy Human Children, two tracks in fact, and we have some music from Iceland, Estonia, Scotland and Poland – and something from Chuck Berry mourning the passing of the king of rock-and-roll, though maybe not his penchant for secretly photographing women on the toilet.

Enjoy the show…

1. Anna Meredith – Nautilus (Moshi Moshi)

2. Agata Karczewska – My Own Jolene (Self-released)

3. Dead Furies – Gotta Make Noize (Self-released)

4. Vegetable Kingdom – Instant Shame (Crunchy Human Children)

5. Yoonkee Kim – Books (Crunchy Human Children)

6. Victoria Celestine – Carrying On (Self-released)

7. Big Hogg – Solitary Way (Self-released)

8. Pronto Mama – Double-Speak (Electric Honey)

9. Aisha Orazbayeva – Slow Air (Self-released)

10. Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven (Chess)

11. Joy Pop – Deadly Queen (Self-released)

12. Sóley – Grow (Morr Music)

Radio Kampus. 28th December 2016

This week’s show was pre-recorded in a 6-year old’s bedroom in Airdrie in Scotland. Yes, I’m home for the holidays. If you listened live to the show on Radio Kampus, I was sitting in my parents’ house listening along with you. I hope, despite the absolute train wreck of a year it has been, you enjoyed a listen back over some of the notable music of the year.

Tonight’s show features a rather descriptive track by Stanley Odd – from the very town of Airdrie where I’m now sitting. We’ve got some music from those we’ve lost – Bowie, Prince, Viola Beach, and Leonard Cohen, and we’ve got some music from my favourite records of the year. Have a great new year celebration and let’s hope 2017 isn’t such a dick, eh?

1. Stanley Odd – It’s All Gone to Fuck (A Modern Way)

2. David Bowie – Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) (ISO Records)

3. Radiohead – True Love Waits (XL Recordings)

4. Prince & The Revolution – When Doves Cry (Warner Bros.)

5. Minor Victories – Cogs (PIAS)

6. Tófa – Cowering (Self-released)

7. Deerhoof – The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue (Lado ABC)

8. Teenage Fanclub – The Darkest Part of the Night (PeMa)

9. Baloji – F.I.N.I. (Island France)

10. Anna Meredith – Taken (Moshi Moshi)

11. Viola Beach – Swings and Waterslides (Fuller Beans)

12. Resina – Dark Sky White Water (130701)

13. Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (Columbia)

Iceland Airwaves 2016: Saturday

14718151_580607975470363_4957381961782919168_nI write my final dispatches from the front lines of Iceland Airwaves, not from the trenches but from the aeroplane sent behind lines to retrieve us weary travellers. Saturday was a somewhat different experience to the days that preceded it being, as it was, the day I had to set aside my afternoon for more pressing record label business. Sadly, I then missed the off-venue program I had set aside for myself and chained myself, metaphorically speaking – I don’t have one of those briefcases you see in spy movies, to the laptop.

When I did venture outside, like a bunny rabbit after a particularly violent storm, nose twitching, eyes curious, I found myself downtown in Gaukurinn. Ok, yes; this was the third time this festival that I heard the fantastic Tófa, but it was their only on-festival show and I rather fancied it. They opened with Fightgirl and the sound and energy was immense. 10 minutes later, all was silent. Gaukurinn this year has been a technical mess. Coals, Tófa, and Go Dark, all suffering from power outage problems. Something to be looked at next year, I suspect. Nonetheless, Tófa owned the stage.

To my shame, I missed the excellent Tonik Ensemble (featuring too many fireworks’ own Jón Þór) earlier in the week, so I made sure to be in HARPA to see the second show. I arrived, however, in the midst of Gunnar Jonnsson Collider’s set; a collection of ambient, electronic – almost post-rock – pieces which, alongside the stage visuals, took the proverbial breath away. Tonik Ensemble took to the stage with their own visuals and a harder beat. I was a little underwhelmed when I saw Anton play on his own in Warsaw recently, but tonight – flanked by guitar and bowed bass, he is on top of his game. A beautiful, understated and at times powerful set. I was – and, I must confess, still am – unaware why Ben Frost didn’t perform (I must really find that out, mustn’t I?) but his replacement, FM Belfast member and damn fine performer in his own right, Hermigervill did a fine job. An electronic set that would have been a match for many later in the evening.

In amongst all of this, I was lucky enough to bump into the rather laconic figure of Gazeta Wyborcza’s Łukasz Kaminski, and we walked together to Iðnó for Anna Meredith. While there we were joined by TBA’s Tomek Nowakowski and bumped into 5000 Management’s Andy Inglis. Anna Meredith is incredible. Andy described her in a message this morning as “extraordinary” and I completely agree. The music has an intensity I’ve rarely experienced in a live band and the musicians with her verge on the virtuosic. I can’t stress enough how anyone, everyone, reading this must listen to her album, Varmints, now. I’m serious. Stop reading this and go find Varmints, listen to it, then come back and continue. Ok, go…

…right, you’re back. Bloody marvellous, isn’t it? Scotland’s album of the year, don’t you know.

From idno, we moved across to NASA for Mr. Silla, the solo project of Sigurlaug Gísladóttir from múm and it’s all very pretty, soothing music, but it feels like an anticlimax after the previous show, so we moved on to Gamla bíó for Gangly. Gangly are an Icelandic supergroup (in as much as an Icelandic group really can be a supergroup given they all play in each other’s bands anyway) featuring Jófríður of Samaris, Sindri of Sin Fang, and Úlfur of Oyama. I wasn’t fussed for Gangly, but was convinced by Tomek’s enthusiasm and I’m glad I followed along – it was lovely, low-key, downbeat r&b.

From Gangly to the performance of the festival, FM Belfast’s headlining show at HARPA. It is is exuberant, exciting, ebullient, and exhausting in the best possible way. It is impossible not to grin until the face hurts as the band perform and I’m only sad that it will likely be another year until I see them play again.

It was time for bed, or so I thought. On my way home, I decided to pop in to Gamla bíó to catch a little of Sykur – a favourite from past festivals. Not only were the band on top form, but I bumped into the Tófa guys and hi-jinks ensued. A lovely way to end the festival and a delightful, enticing, invite to return next year. I’m sure, as much as one can be, that I will.

Radio Kampus. 26th October 2016

After the rocky start to my Radio Kampus career last week, we got back on the horse this week and in the absence of technical issues, we had what I’m going to call the first show “proper”. To that end, last week’s show; we’ll call the “pilot” episode, I think. I’ll bring back some of that music in the future, including Tófa, Resina, and the excellent New People session from Mózg.

In this first show proper though, we had some 90s Scottish punk, some 30s Polish piano, and something from Scotland’s album of the year, and much more.

Neil Milton on Radio Kampus
26th October 2016

Idlewild – Self-healer (Deceptive Records)

±0 – 01 (Self-released)

Giorgio Fazer – rozmyśla nad jeziorem w letni wieczór (Self-released)

Kiasmos – Bent (Erased Tapes)

Natalia Janotha – The Celebrated Polish Carillon using only the upper three keys of the piano (Unknown)

H. Soror – Molotov (Self-released)

Eugeniusz Rudnik – Kolaż (Polskie Radio)

Ata kak – Yemmpa Abab (Awesome Tapes from Africa)

Ballboy – Dumper Truck Racing (SL Records)

HWD Jazz – Oldschool Mystery (Jasień)

Anna Meredith – R-Type (Moshi Moshi)

Spiral – Milky Polsky (Self-released)