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Radio Kampus. 10th January 2018

For my first show proper, accepting last week’s review of 2017, I have music that I missed over the last month or so that I’ve been away, and some new music that is, well, very new indeed. And one track that celebrates a 45 yr old favourite. I can’t believe that Holland by the Beach boys is only 6 years older than I am.

1. Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending

2. David Byrne – Everybodys Coming To My House

3. Emily Magpie – Leave it to Fate

4. Rachel Grimes – Eights

5. Zwidy – 4:35

6. Hannah Epperson – 40 Numbers

7. Millie Hanlon Cole – I Waited Too Long

8. Belle and Sebastian – The Same Star

9. The Beach Boys – Funky Pretty

10. Mateusz Franczak – All About

11. Mazut – Atlas

Radio Kampus. 2nd August 2017

I have to admit that I’m getting increasingly tardy at getting these podcasts up after the show’s gone on air but as of this week, I’ll be back at it, getting them back online just after the show. For now though, here’s the show from 2nd August.

We continue to look forward to Off Festival, we have some new releases, and we celebrate the sunshine. Enjoy.

1. The Lucksmiths – T-Shirt Weather (Matinée)

2. Belle and Sebastian – We Were Beautiful (Matador)

3. PJ Harvey – Snake (Island)

4. Have You Ever Seen the Jane Fonda aerobic VHS? – Magic Swimming Pants (Self-released)

5. IDLES – Mother (Balley)

6. Out Lines – Buried Guns (Rock Action)

7. Guiding Lights – Save the Future (Self-released)

8. Wilcze Jagody – Jabłka (Self-released)

9. Mitchell Museum – Panic Pawn (Self-released)

10. Stephen McLaren – I Sing to You (Errant Media)

11. Catholic Action – Propaganda (Self-released)

12. Francesco Giannico and Guilio Aldinucci – Reframing (Eilean)

13. Conor Oberst – Empty Hotel By The Sea (Nonesuch)

14. Filthy Friends – Despierta (Kill Rock Stars)

Radio Kampus. 19th July 2017

And finally I’m back in Warsaw and catching up on uploading the last few shows from when I was in the US, not to mention back in the studio tonight to broadcast live. It’s a bumper-packed show tonight with indie-pop being the order of the day. Enjoy.

1. The School – I Don’t Believe in Love (Elefant)

2. BMX Bandits – It’s In Her Eyes (Elefant)

3. Urbanski – Widmo (UKnowMe)

4. Hawk – Sin (Veta Records)

5. Stephen’s Shore – Ocean Blue (Cloudberry Records)

6. Cornelius – In A Dream (Rostrum)

7. Big Baby – Not That (Self-released)

8. Breakfast Muff – Birthday Party (Self-released)

9. Since November – Star System (Self-released)

10. Sumshapes – Literally in the Lap of the Gods (Self-released)

11. My Light Shines for You – Detective (Cloudberry Records)

12. Colin Steele Quartet – The Bluebells (Marina)

13. Tears of Silver – Nighttime (Self-released)

14. Belle and Sebastian – The Boy With The Arab Strap (Jeepster)

Radio Kampus. 23rd November 2016

A packed day, and a packed show this evening. Before heading down to the Radio Kampus studio, I had the pleasure of listening to Mateusz Franczak’s concert at Czułość. As ever, a beautiful performance and it set me up nicely for the show in the evening.

The playlist for this week features tracks from two albums that celebrate significant birthdays this year. There’s something from Iceland Airwaves, some indie-pop from France, and some dream-pop from Lebanon, among some new Polish releases.

1. Belle and sebastian – Get me away from here, I’m dying (Jeepster)

2. Chavez – The Bully Boys (Matador)

3. Lor – Windmill (Unreleased / TBA)

4. Freux – Step (Transatlantyk)

5. Filter Happier – Glow (Self-released)

6. Rumianek – Seaweed (Unreleased)

7. VAR – VARMA (Unreleased)

8. Niemoc – Przekątne (FASRAT)

9. Photon – November (Beko Disques)

10. Kaseciarz – Cathedrals (Instant Classic)

11. VIEON – Flight Simulator (Fly by Light MC Remix) (Valentine / Analogue Trash)

12. Teenage Fanclub – The Concept (Creation)

The Guardian’s “Six Songs of Me”

A few years ago, the Guardian ran a popular segment on their music blog called Six Songs of Me that I always enjoyed reading. This morning I looked back over some and it inspired me to create my own choices, so here they are.

What was the first song you ever bought?
While the first record that I ever owned is significantly cooler than the first song I ever bought, I thought I’d stay true to premise and admit to it. The first album I owned was a cassette of Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, gifted to me by my dad when I wouldn’t stop playing it. The first I bought with my own money, well that’s another matter. It was the mid-80s and pre-pubescent boys had a wealth of cute teen idols to choose from; Kylie Minogue, Debbie Gibson, Pepsi & Shirley; to name but a few. Mine though was Tiffany and I played the tape of her album to an early grave – if indeed tapes have graves.

What song always gets you dancing?
It’s hard to avoid the kinetic desire to shift from one buttock to the next and back as soon as this recognisable Wurlitzer part picks up but when that snare kicks in and the handclaps start, it’s time to get up out of your seat and hit the dance-floor. Seeing Belle and Sebastian play The Boy with the Arab Strap live is a joyous experience with the band inviting audience members to the stage to dance with them – it’s a song that has never failed to make me happy and to get me dancing, wherever I am, from the shower to the indie disco.

What song takes you back to your childhood?
I’m lucky to have parents, particularly my dad, that are even more musically literate than I am. While my dad can’t play a note, he’s undeniably an encyclopaedia of popular music. It takes a certain kind of man to name your two children Neil Stephen and Graham David after the four members of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. His favourites though are the Beach Boys – Brian, Dennis, Carl, Al and Mike (and Bruce). I grew up with memories of the Beach Boys at Live Aid, Help Me Rhonda on the record player and of course, the previously mentioned Pet Sounds Cassette which starts with this. Listen to that intro guitar. Listen to the vocal harmonies. I didn’t stand a chance.

What is your perfect love song?
As an indie-pop fan, it’s surely impossible to pick just one perfect love song from what is essentially the history of pop music. From the Beatles to Belle and Sebastian, pop tunes have always tried to express love in the most perfect, succinct way possible. Even choosing just one song from one band is excruciatingly difficult; take the band I eventually decided upon for instance; Big Star. I had to overlook the naive beauty of pubescent love of Thirteen to choose what, for me, is a slice of perfection: I’m in love with a girl.

What song would you want at your funeral?
A funeral song is a tricky one to decide upon. Do you want to be sombre? Celebratory? Do you want people to cry? To smile? I always thought I’d pick one from column a and one from column b. Vaka has always been my column a. Mind you, it has to be said, it took a dent as my funeral song when my brother and his wife used it as the music that accompanied her walk down the aisle. Oh come on guys!

Time for the encore. One last song that makes you, you.
Growing up as a music fan in Airdrie, just a mile or two away from the “post-industrial wasteland” of Bellshill in Lanarkshire, it was impossible to miss how important this small county in central Scotland was (and still is) to the pop music that came out of the country. Mogwai, BMX Bandits, The Soup Dragons, The Delgados and, of course, Teenage Fanclub. Chiming, bright guitars, distortion, vocal harmonies and boys from Bellshill. It’s hard to argue that Teenage Fanclub don’t represent everything I love about music. Radio is my favourite of theirs and one last song that makes me, me.