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Radio Kampus. 9th August 2017

It’s become a slightly annoying trait over the last month or so that the podcasts have been getting later and later – this very one is 3 weeks late, and once I get it up, I’ve another two to get up. So I owe the world – or more specifically, the small band of listeners – an apology.

This show features some great new music including Mr. Postal Service covering Bellshill’s finest; and in memoriam; something from Glen Campbell.

1. Benjamin Gibbard – The Concept (Atlantic)

2. Muzyka Końca Lata – Gorzej już nie może być (Thin Man)

3. Jóhann Jóhannsson – Flight from the City (Deutsche Grammophon)

4. Xarah Dion – Sillage et Caprice (Visage Musique)

5. The Duke Spirit – Houses (Ex Voto)

6. Ben Frost – Threshold of Faith (Mute)

7. Pin Park – Krautpark (Instant Classic)

8. Monty Adkins – An Eden Within (Eilean)

9. Daughter – Burn It Down (Glassnote)

10. Glen Campbell – Wichita Lineman (Capitol)

Radio Kampus. 1st March 2017

And the winner is… Wow. That was quite the spectacle at the Oscars the other night… As someone said on twitter the morning after: Not only did Moonlight win, but we literally got to see La La Land have it taken away from them. Ok, that’s mean, I guess.

I’m preparing this week’s show in a mild state of panic. There’s about 3 hours til I go on air and I’ve only just completed the playlist. Still, it’s a pretty incredible line-up even if I do say so myself. Indian influenced Polish music, choir-infused Edinburgh hip-hop, and a Beatle. What more could you ask for? Well… Chopin, of course.

1. Part Chimp – MapoLeon (Rock Action)

2. Hatti Vatti – Hero/In (Prosto)

3. Saagara – Daydream (Instant Classic)

4. RM Hubbert – The Bird (Self-released)

5. Coals – Lato2002 (Self-released)

6. Ben Frost – Nolan (Regis Self Medicating Edit) (Bedroom Community)

7. Fuzzystar – Angel Transported (Satellite Sounds)

8. 00ND00D – Nasty W0man P0wer (Pointless Geometry)

9. George Harrison – All Things Must Pass (Apple)

10. Young Fathers – Only God Knows (feat. Leith Congregational Choir) (Polydor)

11. Bare Traps – All in You (Self-released)

12. Antonymes – Tristesse (Fryderyk Chopin’s 12 Études op. 10_ no. 3 in E major) (Too Many Fireworks)