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Radio Kampus. 19th July 2017

And finally I’m back in Warsaw and catching up on uploading the last few shows from when I was in the US, not to mention back in the studio tonight to broadcast live. It’s a bumper-packed show tonight with indie-pop being the order of the day. Enjoy.

1. The School – I Don’t Believe in Love (Elefant)

2. BMX Bandits – It’s In Her Eyes (Elefant)

3. Urbanski – Widmo (UKnowMe)

4. Hawk – Sin (Veta Records)

5. Stephen’s Shore – Ocean Blue (Cloudberry Records)

6. Cornelius – In A Dream (Rostrum)

7. Big Baby – Not That (Self-released)

8. Breakfast Muff – Birthday Party (Self-released)

9. Since November – Star System (Self-released)

10. Sumshapes – Literally in the Lap of the Gods (Self-released)

11. My Light Shines for You – Detective (Cloudberry Records)

12. Colin Steele Quartet – The Bluebells (Marina)

13. Tears of Silver – Nighttime (Self-released)

14. Belle and Sebastian – The Boy With The Arab Strap (Jeepster)

Radio Kampus. 31st May 2017

So, there was a bat in my apartment. A bat! I came home on Sunday night from DJing at Hydrozagadka in Warsaw, fell asleep almost immediately, and was woken 15 mins later by my superstar cat launching itself around my room chasing something that sound like an unwinding wind-up toy. Madness. I mean, quite literally, what with rabies, ’n all.

Anyway, we’re back with some great music this week, some of it new, some of it not – and we’re kicking off our preview of the excellent Halfway festival in Białystok, happening at the end of June. Enjoy.

1. The Yummy Fur – Shivers (Plastic Cowboy)

2. Jaaa! – 507 (Sadki Rec)

3. Innercity Ensemble – 4 (Instant Classic)

4. Angel Olsen – Woman (Jagjaguwar)

5. Aphex Twin – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball (Warp)

6. Yorkston/Thorne/Khan – Chori Chori (Miaoux Miaoux Remix) (Domino)

7. Cate Le Bon – Rock Pool (Drag City)

8. Double Crown – Heel (Self-released)

9. BMX Bandits – My Girl Midge (Elefant)

10. Stalagmites – Binary (Veta)

11. EABS – Pingwin iv (Astigmatic)