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Radio Kampus. 16th August 2017

Catching up by uploading the last couple of shows, I don’t have much to say other than this is a great show this week, from new Dream Wife to something from the 1940s… enjoy.

1. Felt – Down But Not Yet Out (Creation)

2. Dream Wife – Fire (Lucky Number)

3. M8N – Hidden Kingdom (Self-released)

4. Colin Steele Quartet – Everything Works Out (Marina)

5. Dmitry Evgrafov – Rajas (130701)

6. The Just Joans – No Longer Young Enough (Self-released)

7. Chick Cyran i Jego Orkiestra Z Buffalo – Daj Mi Buzi (Polo)

8. Janek Samolyk – Ślad (Thin Man)

9. Lower Entrance – Back Entrance (U Know Me)

10. Happy Abandon – Severed Seams (Schoolkids)

11. Ruin!Ruins! – Arch (Fluttery)