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Radio Kampus. 26th July 2017

Well then, it’s been a week of protesting and making noise in the streets. It’s also been a week of great music and there’s a weekend of great music coming up for those that are heading off to OFF in a couple of weeks time…

I’m joined in the studio this week by my friend and intrepid music traveller, writer, blogger, and journalist Laura Studarus, to preview our picks from the coming Off Festival line-up. There’s also some new music from Canada and some old music from Scotland. Enjoy!

1. Alvvays – Dreams Tonite (Transgressive)

2. Rainbrother – Fat Eggs (General Bird)

3. Dog Whistle – Lost Weekend (Self-released)

4. Arab Strap – Rocket, Take Your Turn (Chemikal Underground)

5. Helado Negro – Transmission Listen (RVNG Into)

6. New People – Better Ways (Self-released)

7. Frankie Cosmos – Sinister (Bayonet)

8. Anna Meredith – R-Type (Moshi Moshi)

9. The Radio Dept. – Teach Me To Forget (Labrador)

10. Shellac – Dude Incredible (Touch and Go)

11. Telstar Ponies – Farewell, Farewell (Geographic)

Radio Kampus. 1st February 2017

Returning to the Radio Kampus studio tonight after a fantastic Scores event at Mózg over the weekend. Granted, Trump started his Muslim Ban nonsense since our last show too but hey, by way of the wonderful Awesome Tapes from Africa, we have some music from one of Trump’s listed nations. Fuck him.

In addition to that we have some wonderful new Polish, Dutch, and Icelandic music and some tremendous older stuff from Scotland including Belle and Sebastian’s guitarist, and the fierce glamour punks, Lapsus Linguae.

1. Stevie Jackson – Just, Just so to the Point (Banchory)

2. Dur-Dur Band – Dooyo (Awesome Tapes From Africa)

3. Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason – Random Haiku Generator (Morr Music)

4. Featherfin – Radioactivity (Self-released)

5. Lockerbie – Laut (Record Records)

6. Minor Victories – Scattered Ashes (Orchestral Variation) (PIAS)

7. Zura – Zawór Miłosny (U Know Me)

8. Canshaker Pi – What You’re Trying to Say (Excelsior Recordings)

9. Dog Whistle – Gun (Self-released)

10. We Still Have Paris – Bliskość Odległość (Self-released)

11. Argo Vals – Oode (TV Performance)

12. Lapsus Linguae – Are We Really Dancing? (Livid Meerkat)