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Radio Kampus. 23rd August 2017

While the cat’s away, the mice will play… My girlfriend is in Germany for this week so I’ve been using the time wisely… listening to records, and recording demos for a possible new album in the future. Exciting times. I’ll be delighted when she gets back though, especially to share some of the silly songs. Anyways, onwards…

This week’s show is a cracker – new music from Alvvays, Hope Sandoval, and FM Belfast; and we mark the return of the KLF. And much more.

1. The KLF – 3am Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.) (KLF Communications)

2. Alvvays – Plimsoll Punks (Transgressive)

3. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions – Sleep (Self-released)

4. Verlake – Speeding Up (K-Hole Trax)

5. H.Soror – Spoon-Mouth (Self-released)

6. A Certain Smile – We Want the World (Self-released)

7. Aaron Martin and Leonardo Rosado – I Can Still Hear the Humming of Life (Facture)

8. Roddy Woomble – Jupiter (A Modern Way)

9. Sink Ya Teeth – Glass (1965)

10. FM Belfast – All My Power (World Champion)

11. Flying Matchstick Men vs. GRNR – Damn Boy Damn Girl (Too Many Fireworks)

Radio Kampus. 26th October 2016

After the rocky start to my Radio Kampus career last week, we got back on the horse this week and in the absence of technical issues, we had what I’m going to call the first show “proper”. To that end, last week’s show; we’ll call the “pilot” episode, I think. I’ll bring back some of that music in the future, including Tófa, Resina, and the excellent New People session from Mózg.

In this first show proper though, we had some 90s Scottish punk, some 30s Polish piano, and something from Scotland’s album of the year, and much more.

Neil Milton on Radio Kampus
26th October 2016

Idlewild – Self-healer (Deceptive Records)

±0 – 01 (Self-released)

Giorgio Fazer – rozmyśla nad jeziorem w letni wieczór (Self-released)

Kiasmos – Bent (Erased Tapes)

Natalia Janotha – The Celebrated Polish Carillon using only the upper three keys of the piano (Unknown)

H. Soror – Molotov (Self-released)

Eugeniusz Rudnik – Kolaż (Polskie Radio)

Ata kak – Yemmpa Abab (Awesome Tapes from Africa)

Ballboy – Dumper Truck Racing (SL Records)

HWD Jazz – Oldschool Mystery (Jasień)

Anna Meredith – R-Type (Moshi Moshi)

Spiral – Milky Polsky (Self-released)

Still to get the joke: the saxophone

h.sororI once said – rather honestly, I’d like to think – that saxophone was a prank that the devil had played on the human race, and we’ve yet to get the joke. From that day to this, it seems that the brass instrument has been trying to get its own back.

A close friend, and the artist responsible for the forthcoming Too Many Fireworks release, Jón Þór, released his debut album in, I think, 2012. A shining example of indie-pop/indie-rock, the album contained the storming “Uppvakningar” which, around the 2:20 mark, includes a sax solo that would not sound out of place among the hits of the Boss and the E-Street band; Clarence Clemons would be proud. Damn it, don’t make me like the sax.

In 2013, in the rather muted false start of the return of Too Many Fireworks, we released a great indie-pop record by the poorly named “Plug&Play”. Towards the end of track 4 of that e.p., the aforementioned brass instrument makes an appearance lending the record’s close a feel of a late 80s soho wine-bar; all neon, and chrome. Maybe the sax has my opprobrium, still.

A year later, I found the excellent TV series Bojack Horseman for the first time. The main theme was composed by Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, and his uncle Ralph Carney – a noted session musician known for his work with Tom Waits. Wondering what instrument Ralph plays? Oh yes. That said, the theme is astonishing and fits the show perfectly. Damn you, Adolphe!

It wasn’t long after that, that Mateusz Franczak approached me at a record fair with his beautiful album “long story short”, and would I like to release it on Too Many Fireworks? On hearing it, my first reaction was “yes sir, yes I would”. It was only later that I discovered Mateusz was particularly well known on the Polish scene for playing… well yes, if you guessed saxophone, you get to move to the top of the class. Gold star.

As you may imagine, by this time my distaste for the saxophone has softened to a great degree and last night, I wandered down to CH25 for a performance by the Ukranian band H.Soror. An astonishing drummer, a bass player with a mooger-fooger, and… a saxophonist. Oh come on!

The band were fantastic and I feel sympathy for anyone that considered coming down but didn’t. The music is hard to characterise but had subtle elements of math rock and new wave. Oddly enough, if the sax had been replaced by a guitar player, I would have left feeling I had enjoyed it but that I’d seen it numerous times before. The sax added something unexpected and unique to such a line-up – the drummer, though, was my personal highlight; I can’t have sax winning the day after all.

Check out H.Soror on their bandcamp.