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Radio Kampus. 22nd March 2017

Three things happened this week. One of them was traumatic, the other two are particularly delightful. Let’s focus on the positives shall we? I became the proud owner of a Korg MS-20 synth and tomorrow night I’ll DJ at TEDxWarsaw’s after-party, continuing (an increasingly tenuous) relationship with the group. How about this week’s show though?

We have music from excellent Polish label Crunchy Human Children, two tracks in fact, and we have some music from Iceland, Estonia, Scotland and Poland – and something from Chuck Berry mourning the passing of the king of rock-and-roll, though maybe not his penchant for secretly photographing women on the toilet.

Enjoy the show…

1. Anna Meredith – Nautilus (Moshi Moshi)

2. Agata Karczewska – My Own Jolene (Self-released)

3. Dead Furies – Gotta Make Noize (Self-released)

4. Vegetable Kingdom – Instant Shame (Crunchy Human Children)

5. Yoonkee Kim – Books (Crunchy Human Children)

6. Victoria Celestine – Carrying On (Self-released)

7. Big Hogg – Solitary Way (Self-released)

8. Pronto Mama – Double-Speak (Electric Honey)

9. Aisha Orazbayeva – Slow Air (Self-released)

10. Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven (Chess)

11. Joy Pop – Deadly Queen (Self-released)

12. Sóley – Grow (Morr Music)

Radio Kampus. 30th November 2016

It’s Saint Andrew’s day today so as I sit in the Radio Kampus studio 1, just following the close of tonight’s show, I toast a sip of Irn Bru to the my home country on the evening of our patron saint, and delay – for even longer – going back into that cold, (probably) snowy evening.

The playlist for this week’s show begins with a Delgados Peel Session track; a Robert Burns poem taking a sharp jibe at the parliament of Scotland prior to the 1707 act of the union that created the United Kingdom. A fitting track to kick us off on St. Andrew’s day. We have music from Zimbabwe, from Latvia, and from England, and we finish with some post-rock from Gdańsk.

1. The Delgados – Parcel of Rogues (Chemikal Underground)

2. Indigoguy – Undertow (Duobox / Kundry Music)

3. Joy Pop – 70s Love (self-released)

4. Arma Agharta – Cockchafer Preparing to Get Off (Pointless Geometry)

5. Vogons – Improbability Gorilla (Self-released)

6. Amiina – Telegram (Mengi)

7. Alise Joste – Moving Shadows (I Love You)

8. The Zephyrs – The Buildings Aren’t Going Anywhere (Southpaw)

9. Bhundu Boys – Hatisitose (Discafrique)

10. Rycerzyki – Lentilki (Stajnia Sobieski)

11. Żywizna – Zakukała kukawecka (Populista – Bôłt Records)

12. Signal from Europa – REMGlacier (Self-released)