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Radio Kampus. 5th July 2017

It’s my second week in Washington D.C. and sadly, due to a mix-up at Radio Kampus, my second pre-recorded show didn’t go to air. Still, it’s here in all it’s glory for you as a podcast. We have 2 finalists for the Scottish album of the Year, including the eventual winner; some new Mogwai; and some wonderful ambient music too. Enjoy.

1. Cate Le Bon – Wonderful (Drag City)

2. Ela Orleans – Dionysus (Night School)

3. Omar Souleyman – Khayen (Mad Decent)

4. Liam J Hennessy – Over the Bay (Sound in Silence)

5. Tófa – Yours is Ours (Self-released)

6. Olga Wojciechowska – Abandoned Words (Time Released Sound)

7. Sacred Paws – Strike a Match (Rock Action)

8. Max Richter – Infra (Deutsche Grammofon)

9. Dmnsz – G (Pointless Geometry)

10. Mogwai – Party in the Dark (Rock Action)

11. Olivier Messiaen – Oraison (EMI)

Radio Kampus. 7th December 2016

I’ve just come back from a short trip to Scotland and I’m not sure how I managed it, but in the air, I found myself some stomach bug as for the last day or so I’ve not been enjoying myself (and we’ll leave it at that, eh?). Awful stuff. Still, I had a wonderful time in Scotland. Family time, and a Teenage Fanclub concert. Just what I needed.

Almost by osmosis, the playlist for tonight’s show is heavy with Scottish music, featuring a Chemikal underground highlight, and an old favourite reformed. There’s also some less known indiepop and some interesting baroque pop from Glasgow. On top of that, we have several tracks from the recent Hawk Moon records compilation, and a happy birthday to Tom Waits.

1. Sluts of Trust – Piece o’ You (Chemikal Underground)

2. El hombre trajeado (featuring Sue Tompkins) – Do it Puritan! (Chemikal Underground)

3. Liam J Hennessy – Over the Bay (Hawk Moon Records)

4. Billy Bragg – The Milkman of Human Kindness (Go! Discs)

5. Sweeney Straddles The Sun – Polymath (Self-released)

6. Hotel Neon – Lieu de Memoire (Hawk Moon Records)

7. The Color Waves – The Sky I Saw (self-released)

8. Kêlev – Ba’al (BTDA)

9. Library Tapes – Closure (Hawk Moon Records)

10. The Imagineers – Utopian Dreams (Hit The Light Records)

11. Peter Broderick – It’s a Storm When i Sleep (Erased Tapes)

12. Tom Waits – The piano has been drinking (not me) (Asylum Records)