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Radio Kampus. 3rd May 2017

This week’s show is a pre-record as I’m in Airdrie/Glasgow, Scotland on a well earned (sort of) vacation. Though still we have some great music lined up from Poland, Scotland, France, The UK, the US and Israel. Quite a spread. Enjoy.

1. Roddy Woomble – I Came In From The Mountain (Pure)

2. Babe – Ecce Poque (Self-released)

3. Hoszpital – Nieruchomość (Thin Man)

4. m8n – Through the Waterfall (Self-released)

5. Def Neon – Animal (Analogue Trash)

6. Dane Joe – Камни (Self-released)

7. Sink Ya Teeth – If You See Me (1965 Records)

8. Bad Mannequins – Buzz Killer Skinny Gene (Triple Denim)

9. A Certain Smile – Hushed (Self-released)

10. Dead sirens – Sinner/Winner (Self-released)

11. Nagrobki – To był tylko cień (BDTA)

12. Clem Leek – New Day (YEN)

13. The Delgados – No Danger (Chemikal Underground)

Radio Kampus. 30th November 2016

It’s Saint Andrew’s day today so as I sit in the Radio Kampus studio 1, just following the close of tonight’s show, I toast a sip of Irn Bru to the my home country on the evening of our patron saint, and delay – for even longer – going back into that cold, (probably) snowy evening.

The playlist for this week’s show begins with a Delgados Peel Session track; a Robert Burns poem taking a sharp jibe at the parliament of Scotland prior to the 1707 act of the union that created the United Kingdom. A fitting track to kick us off on St. Andrew’s day. We have music from Zimbabwe, from Latvia, and from England, and we finish with some post-rock from Gdańsk.

1. The Delgados – Parcel of Rogues (Chemikal Underground)

2. Indigoguy – Undertow (Duobox / Kundry Music)

3. Joy Pop – 70s Love (self-released)

4. Arma Agharta – Cockchafer Preparing to Get Off (Pointless Geometry)

5. Vogons – Improbability Gorilla (Self-released)

6. Amiina – Telegram (Mengi)

7. Alise Joste – Moving Shadows (I Love You)

8. The Zephyrs – The Buildings Aren’t Going Anywhere (Southpaw)

9. Bhundu Boys – Hatisitose (Discafrique)

10. Rycerzyki – Lentilki (Stajnia Sobieski)

11. Żywizna – Zakukała kukawecka (Populista – Bôłt Records)

12. Signal from Europa – REMGlacier (Self-released)